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Your Affiliate FAQs

Attention all Podiatrists, Orthopedists, Primary Care Physicians, and Physical Therapists

Join Our Affiliate Program & Earn 10% Commissions for Every Referral!


We are excited to partner with to help make our affiliate program more efficient and user-friendly. Joining our program will earn you a 10% commission on each referral you send to our website. ShareASale is a popular online affiliate marketing program with two decades of experience in sales and advertising. The company is extremely reputable and affiliate sign-up is fast, easy, and free. Once a member, you will have access to over 5,000 merchants across multiple markets and industries, making it easy to find the right fit for your website. ShareASale is widely considered to be a reliable source of online affiliate income.

Our Program Features:

  • 10% Commission Rate on Referrals
  • 45-Day Cookie Window
  • Strong Brand Recognition
  • Highly Rated & Reviewed Product Line
  • Well Established Social Presence
  • Clear Contract Transparency
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Open your affiliate account now and connect your website visitors to - an invaluable source for foot care products!

To get started with ShareASale, click our signup link PediFix Affiliate Program and you will be directed to our account page to start the process. Registration can be completed in 5 easy steps!


Create a username and password and enter your country of residence. Then click Next Step


Here, you’ll be asked for details about your website including its URL and primary language. In order to use ShareASale, you need an active website — make sure your site is up and running before you apply. When you're done, click Next Step


You'll be asked to confirm your email address. Once you provide that information, click Next Step


Next, you'll be asked to fill in contact information where you want ShareASale to send your payments. When done, click Next Step


To complete the application process, you’ll need to choose a payment option. ShareASale does not use PayPal but does offer payment via direct deposit or physical check. ShareASale pays commissions monthly, and you can log into your account at any time to check your earnings in real-time. The ShareASale minimum threshold to cash out is $50.

After you click Complete Sign Up, you can just sit back and relax! Your application will typically be reviewed and approved in 2-3 days.

Once your application is approved, it's time to add our affiliate link. ShareASale offers a robust search tool that lets you filter merchants by category, keywords, sales commission structure, or length of time with ShareASale. On the main page, hover over the Merchants tab at the top of the page and select Search For Merchants in the drop down. On the left, search for us using the Merchant ID number.

Our Merchant ID is 114639

Select the merchant marketing model Pay Per Sale. With this model you earn a commission when visitors follow your direct link to a product or webpage on our site and then make a purchase. After selecting us as a merchant and clicking on Join This Program, you’ll be able to access our referral link and banners through your ShareASale account. To use a link, copy it and then head over your website post or the content you want to use. Highlight the text you’ll use for the link, click the Insert/Edit Link button in your software program (it typically looks like two connected links of a chain) and paste the ShareASale affiliate URL.

While you can put a ShareASale link into any post or insert our affiliate banner anywhere on your website, you won’t earn any money if users don’t click through. So, to make the most out of ShareASale, insert these links as naturally as possible on your website. While a banner or direct product link can help drive conversion, you’re best-served by naturally integrating ShareASale links into your posts.

Thank you for your interest in representing PediFix® Footcare Products online!